New arrival - Manual Breast Pump, Powerful Baby Nipple Suction 150ml Feeding Milk Bottles

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Manual Breast Pump, Powerful Baby Nipple Suction 150ml  Feeding Milk Bottles 

1.Material: plastic, baby bottle is made of food grade silicone, no bisphenol A, green health
2. Size: 7cm*19.7cm/2.76"*7.76"
3. Color style: white, pink, blue, yellow, purple five colors optional
4. Built-in silent silicone, noise less than 20 decibels, quietly sucking milk, never interfere with baby
5 comfortable breast pumping, no need to lean forward, more comfortable to sit, so that it is easier to milk, increase milk
6.8.5cm silicone suction cup, lace massage, gently imitate the baby to allow suction, helps stimulate the secretion of milk, strong suction, no pain 7. Vacuum suction valve to help mother empty breast milk remaining, dredge breast, relieve rising milk pain 8 Built-in anti-backflow silicone to prevent backflow of milk from pouring. 9. Can be equipped with a breast pump converter. It can be adapted to other small-mouth bottles. It is compact and lightweight, easy to carry out. 10. Packing: carton packing

Package Include:  1 PCS Breast Pump + 1 PCS The Nipple

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